Sermons from November 2017

the missing ingredient

November 26, 2017
Are you an EGR person (Extra Grace Required)? Pastor Craig preaches a powerful message of hope for all of us this Christmas season. Only Jesus Christ could bring The Missing Ingredient-grace-to a guilty, broken world. The good news is… He did!

a thanksgiving life

November 19, 2017
In this interactive message, Pastor Craig shares the secret to unparalleled joy and purpose in life. Learn the why’s and how’s of being a “Thank You note” to God. Our Savior-God is worthy of all thanks and praise, both here on earth, and in heaven!

scott stearman

November 12, 2017

Watch as renown sculptor Scott Stearman creates beautiful art live while reminding us all that we create the image of Jesus for others to see in our everyday words and actions.

too lazy for a title

November 5, 2017
Nobody wants to be “slothful!” But are we? In today’s message on laziness, Pastor Craig opens up God’s thoughts about it. then he shares two ways to gain a sensible perspective, as well as a practical action plan to banish laziness from our lives. Let’s start now!