Sermons from October 2016

Freeway Pt7 – Freedom

October 30, 2016
Why does God allow pain in our lives? Learn the three reasons for that, and how our hurts can lead to freedom in Christ. If you feel broken and useless, there’s good news… God has always used broken, recycled people as His ambassadors to a hurting world. You can be one!

Freeway Pt6 – Acceptance

October 23, 2016
How we think God sees us-positively or negatively-determines how we live our lives. Pastor Craig reveals four glorious things that God says about us in His Word, which can transform our identity in Him, and give us confidence to serve Him with our whole hearts.

Freeway Pt5 – Forgiveness

October 16, 2016
Has anyone ever hurt you? Have you ever hurt anyone? In this timely message, Pastor Craig teaches us how to make the choice to forgive and seek forgiveness . . . for the sake of our own souls, and because God has forgiven us. What a waste it would be to “live and die with bitter hearts!” (Job 21:25).

Freeway Pt4 – Ownership

October 9, 2016

The greatest holdup to the healing for my hang-ups is me! All I need to do is own up to them.  Pastor Craig opens up the Scriptures to show us God’s marvelous plan for getting free. Since Jesus did the hard part, why bear those burdens one more minute?

Freeway Pt3 – Discovery

October 2, 2016

We all have hurts, habits, or hang-ups that keep us from walking free. Pastor Craig urges us to plug into God’s everlasting love and Resurrection power, which is the only answer for our weakness. Can we say to God, “Make me willing to be made willing”?