Sermons from 2016

Christmas Musical: One Child

“One Child” is our annual Christmas musical presented to 9300 people in 12 performances. This fast paced musical presentation features our Celebration Choir and a cast of more than 200 people. There is 100% chance of snow in Oro Valley. This light-hearted presentation also takes a serious look at the real meaning of Christmas!

Children’s Christmas Musical: All About That Baby

This is our annual Children’s Christmas musical presentation featuring our children’s choir and Nathaniel, a lovable but scatter-brained, late-for-work shepherd, take his shift at watching the flock. The other shepherds wait for Nathaniel who is late once again, to arrive. Thus begins a story that is “All About That Baby”, with shepherds, angels, “out-of-towners” and…


We have all wondered what Heaven is like, and what we will do when we get there. Pastor Craig opens up the scriptures to reveal the glories of God’s home, but most importantly, how we can be absolutely certain that we are Heave-bound!

The Gospel of Holiness Pt2

Does God’s grace make sin safe? What is the definition of holiness? Pastor Craig reveals these answers, as well as why we must always pursue holiness as followers of Jesus Christ. Learn how to “get violent” as you battle against sin with the weapons of grace!

The Gospel of Holiness Pt1

Why are some only casually committed to Christ? Does it matter? Pastor Craig shows us that 95% commitment to God is 5% short. Discover three reasons why people hold back from full commitment, and four steps to becoming a “Just say the word” follower of our Lord. Be all in!

Giving In Faith To Missions

November 6, 2016
Learn how God is blessing the world through OVCN! Pastor Craig shares the Missions goals of our church using the story of the apostle Paul. All believers are commissioned to share the good news of Jesus wherever they live, and to give so others can do the same.

Freeway Pt7 – Freedom

October 30, 2016
Why does God allow pain in our lives? Learn the three reasons for that, and how our hurts can lead to freedom in Christ. If you feel broken and useless, there’s good news… God has always used broken, recycled people as His ambassadors to a hurting world. You can be one!