Sermons by Chris Collins

to vs. from – pt2

July 9, 2017

Pastor Chris shares the rest of Jonah’s amazing story of second chances. We can’t run so far from God that we can’t hear His voice, and He really does respond to our prayers, actions, and honest feelings. Running TO God is the best choice ever!

Be the Man

June 18, 2017
What does godly manhood look like? Pastor Chris’ Father’s Day message lays down 5 scriptural and practical keys to “be the man” God wants us to be. As husbands, fathers, leaders, and friends, we are urged to reflect Christ in a culture that doesn’t know Him.

To vs. from

June 11, 2017
We are all running… either TO God, or FROM God. Pastor Chris shares insights from the story of Jonah, highlighting six truths to keep in mind as we travel. When God calls you, which direction will you go?


January 1, 2017

It’s a perfect time to focus on developing the kind of faith that Jesus treasures—a childlike faith! How do we acquire it? Pastor Chris Collins outlines 5 attributes of childlike faith, and 4 steps to get there.

Go, Set, Ready

September 11, 2016

How do we turn a cautious faith into an aggressive faith? Pastor Chris Collins encourages us to reverse the “Ready, Set, Go” mindset, which can keep us talking instead of going. Like the biblical Jonathan, we must be about God’s business with zeal and with a vision of victory before us!

Built Strong Pt. 3 – Spiritual Fitness

August 21, 2016
Are some people born “spiritual olympians,” while the rest of us struggle just to stay upright? In Part 3 of our series, Pastor Chris Collins shows us that spiritual strength, like physical strength, requires discipline and training. He gives 3 keys that will whip us into shape for the Kingdom of God. Will you use them? The choice is yours.

Mind the gap – Pastor Chris Collins

June 19, 2016  Is there a “gap” in your life—an area that is sabotaging your relationship with God or with your family? In this Father’s Day message, Pastor Chris Collins helps us examine three things which might be the reasons for the gap, things which can never be recovered once they are gone. Then he outlines three strategies to close those gaps in our lives.