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January 8, 2017 Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene is proud to welcome Scott Hamilton, Olympic gold medalist, professional ice skater, and recipient of over 70 awards and honors. Scott has not only conquered the ice, but has survived three battles with cancer. If you are losing hope or experiencing tough times in your life,…


January 1, 2017

It’s a perfect time to focus on developing the kind of faith that Jesus treasures—a childlike faith! How do we acquire it? Pastor Chris Collins outlines 5 attributes of childlike faith, and 4 steps to get there.

Christmas Musical: One Child

“One Child” is our annual Christmas musical presented to 9300 people in 12 performances. This fast paced musical presentation features our Celebration Choir and a cast of more than 200 people. There is 100% chance of snow in Oro Valley. This light-hearted presentation also takes a serious look at the real meaning of Christmas!

Children’s Christmas Musical: All About That Baby

This is our annual Children’s Christmas musical presentation featuring our children’s choir and Nathaniel, a lovable but scatter-brained, late-for-work shepherd, take his shift at watching the flock. The other shepherds wait for Nathaniel who is late once again, to arrive. Thus begins a story that is “All About That Baby”, with shepherds, angels, “out-of-towners” and…


We have all wondered what Heaven is like, and what we will do when we get there. Pastor Craig opens up the scriptures to reveal the glories of God’s home, but most importantly, how we can be absolutely certain that we are Heave-bound!

The Gospel of Holiness Pt2

Does God’s grace make sin safe? What is the definition of holiness? Pastor Craig reveals these answers, as well as why we must always pursue holiness as followers of Jesus Christ. Learn how to “get violent” as you battle against sin with the weapons of grace!