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The Gift of a Christmas Moment, Part 3, Sermon Series: “Opening the Gifts of Christmas”

In Part 3 of our series, Jesus’ friends Mary and Martha illustrate different approaches to the “busy season” and we learn which approach pleases Jesus. Don’t miss Pastor Craig’s four replacements for the Martha-tendencies in all of us. Discover how to create memorable moments with the people who mean the most to us, and with Jesus most of all.

Kids Christmas Musical – Isaiah Jones and the Seekers of the Lost Treasure

Join our Kids Choir as they are transported into a video game world of mystery, intrigue, and Christmas fun!  Our young hero, Isaiah Jones, along with his friends and companions from OVCN’s kids choir, search for the Lost Christmas Treasure, navigating levels of the video game as they go. They conquer challenge after challenge as they follow the shooting star that guides their way, eventually leading them to their greatest discovery…the real Treasure of Christmas is Jesus!

The Gift of Messiness, Part 1, Sermon Series: “Opening the Gifts of Christmas”

In this first message of the sermon series, “Opening the Gifts of Christmas,” Pastor Craig speaks to every Christian’s struggle of wanting to be holy, but continually falling short.  Pastor shares about the two types of spiritual “messiness”, and three responses we should have while God changes us into the image of Christ.  Learn how God takes us as we are, and uses our imperfections to propel us into a holy life.