Prayer and Care Sheet (August 27th)



August 27, 2017


“By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me—a prayer to the God of my life.” Psalm 42:8

– Valerie Morales would like you to pray for her husband Humberto.

– Margo Lightfoot asks for continued prayer for her daughter Heather. She is going through a custody battle. Pray for God’s will, and strength and peace for Heather.

– Ruth Anne Turner has been without a job and is struggling, both financially and spiritually. Please keep her in your prayers!

– Roseann Rich would like prayers for her children to open their hearts to Jesus.

– Dianna Franke would like your prayers as she contemplates new options in her career. Pray for God’s guidance.


– Julie Dooley would like prayers for her friend Marlene who is in the hospital. Pray for her salvation as well as her health.

– Ellen Buckner would like to thank you for your prayers for her niece, Chrissy. She is doing better.

– Fran Bethell would like you to pray for her sister-in-law, Ida. She is having some health issues. Please pray for Johnny, her husband also.

– Please pray for Lori Gardner as she and her sister figure out how to care for their brother who has cancer and Alzheimer’s. Pray also for Lori’s attitude at work.

– Jane Cottrell had major surgery on July 27th. Pray for her recovery.

– Joan Burnette would like you to pray for Kelly and Sally. Both women have cancer and are unbelievers. Kelly is also a single mom.  – Rachel Insalaco asks that you pray for her friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is a single mom of 2 young children.

– Mary-Esther Kauffman’s neighbor’s adult son had brain surgery. Continue to pray that he will regain full use of both arms.

– Melissa Cuneo would like prayers for her brother who has just found out he has tumors in his body.


– Dick Young passed away Sat, Aug 19th. Pray for his wife, Anne, and the rest of the Young family as they grieve him.


– Valerie Ritz would like prayers for her brother who just found a mass in his body. Pray for peace as he goes through this and God’s comfort and healing.

– Please continue to pray for Juanita Roy and her health.

– Wanda Ford’s niece, who recently had bilateral lung transplants and then a very serious infection, has made significant progress. The family is thanking God and all those who are praying for her. She is still in the hospital and has a long way to go before full recovery. The family would appreciate continued prayer for her.

– Jon and Melissa Cuneo’s niece has her diabetes under control now, but is in constant pain still and doctors are unsure what to do. Pray for the doctors to figure out what’s going on. Pray for her parents as well as it is very difficult to deal with a sick child.

– David Hisey would like your continued prayer for his friend with cancer. Her surgery was successful and will now begin chemo.

– Tabitha Intschert would like prayers for healing. She has a pinched nerve causing pain.

– Barbie Patterson asks for prayers for her niece, who is 5. She has issues with lack of growth and has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She has not been doing well on an 80% liquid diet. Pray she receives enough nutrition and she goes into remission. Pray for her parents, as having a sick child is very stressful!

– Jean Hope is having debilitating back pain from herniated discs. Please pray for comfort and healing from this.

– Jerry and Janet Mawhirter thank everyone for prayers for their daughter. Continue to pray for her ministry in Australia.

– Sandy Le Colst requests prayer for her husband. He is battling metastasizing cancer and is on a clinical trial. Please pray for successful results and comfort during this time.

– Pray for family and friends who need to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord.



Pray for the number of people here at OVCN and their family members who are seeking employment. Pray that God would provide for their families and that they would find a measure of peace during this time.


– Pray for our pastoral staff. Ask God to bless and anoint each of them for service. Pray for their families, for their health and protection. Also, pray for the office staff and support staff. Pray that God will surround the church property with His angels.

– Pray for a moving of the Holy Spirit in each ministry of the church.


We, as a congregation can pray for America. For help, log on to this website

“Thank you for the United States and its government. We pray for the president, the national and local government, the judges, the policemen, the business leaders and all those who are in leadership positions in this country. Please protect them from the evil that is in the world and keep them safe and free from all harm.”

“You have promised to bless any nation that follows after You. Help us to live quiet and peaceful lives so that we can continue to spread the Good News of the Gospel throughout our land. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


( For urgent prayer requests, phone the church office at 297-8297, or email For other prayer requests, call 297-8297 or fill out a Connection Card and drop it in the offering plate to include them in the Prayer & Care.



We, as a congregation can pray for our church, OVCN. Pray for unity and for God’s will in our worship and decisions made for His kingdom.



We have Visitation Teams that do visitation each week. If you know someone in a nursing home, assisted living or homecare that would benefit from a visit, please call the church office at 297-8297.


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, call your American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 for free information and local programs and resourc


– SPC Adam Barrio, serving in Texas.

– David Bell, serving in Afghanistan.

Nathan Boyles, serving in USAF, San Antonio, TX

– PFC Tyson Brown, serving with the Army National Guard in Tucson, Arizona.

– SST Les Busser, serving in Korea.

Diego Bustos, serving with the Army in South Carolina.

– Ryan Coulter, serving in Iraq.

– 1st Lt Will DeGraff, Marine “Cobra” copter training, CA

– Warren Denning, serving in the Air Force.

– SSG Deborah Denney, serving in Hawaii.

– Lt Col Mark Esslinger, serving in Hawaii.

– Kyle Feetham, serving with the U.S. Army Infantry in Hawaii.

– Justin Finley, serving in the Air Force.

– A1C Justin Glass, serving at Shaw AFB, South Carolina.

2nd Lt William DeGraff, serving in Pensacola, Florida.

– Deon Hawkins, serving in Iraq.

– Travis Hood, at Apache Pilot Training in Alabama.

– A1C Christopher T. Jones, II, serving in Cabot, AR.

– TSgt Karyn Kazimer, serving with the Air Force.

David Kelly, serving in Arizona.

– SrA James Kipe, serving in the Armed Forces.

– LTC Dave MacKenzie, serving at Langley AF Base, VA.

– A1C Jordan A. Meek, serving in Afghanistan.

– William (Jeff) Mercer, serving in Washington, DC.

– E3 Michael Miller, serving with the Navy in Norfolk Virginia.

– Brent and Lena Nelson, serving with the Army National Guard in Tucson.

– Bjorn Olson, serving with the National Guard in Boise, ID.

– Erik Olson, serving with National Guard in Tucson.

– Jeremia Pulaski, serving with the Army in Iraq.

– Anthony &Thomas Rambaud, serving with the National Guard in Tucson.

– Henry Rodriques, USMC.

– Jason Rogers, serving with the Navy aboard the USS Truman.

– Sgt Benjamin Rose, serving at Ft. Bliss, Texas.

– Lt Cpl Ryan K Schobel, serving at Camp Pendleton, CA.

– Steven B. Smith, serving the US Navy in Tucson.

– Pvt Tamiera Smith, serving with the Army in Tacoma, WA.

Captain Jason Stumpf, serving with the Army in Romania

– Andrew Suarey, serving with the Marines.

David Tavares Jr, serving in Afghanistan.

Nathan Thatcher, serving with the Navy in Japan.

– Tom Thatcher, serving in Afghanistan.

Davina Theiss, serving with the Army in Washington D.C.

– Michael Theiss, serving with the Army in Washington D.C.

Caleb Timler, serving with the National Guard in Tucson.

– 1st Lt Stephan Timler, serving with the Marines in CA

David and Sarah Wagstaff, serving with the Air Force.

– Joe Weaver, serving his fifth deployment with Army in Afghanistan.

– Col Tip Wight, serving at the Pentagon.

Captain Aaron Blair Wilcox, serving in El Paso, TX.