OVCN Men’s October 28th Breakfast

Men’s Ministry Breakfast will be October 28, 2017

8 am – coffee is ready by 7:45

Bldg B



We will start with a hearty breakfast and time for fellowship.  

John Stevenson will share his testimony about his life before he knew the Lord and as he lives it today. It will include a little about growing up, school , work and military experience, how he came to know the Lord, marriage and growth as a Christian and later life. It will inspire you!
John started out in ministry serving on Sundays in the parking lot and now is in the choir, has led a small group, and is in leader training to lead another group in January.
Here is a video by Steve Wilson:
After John’s testimony, we’ll  watch a video
and share round table discussion. 
You’ll be out of here by 9:30 am!
If you have any questions, give David Bohlman a call 520-818-3539