In the greatest sermon ever preached, Jesus teaches eight keys to experiencing a blessed life.

In this sermon series, we will talk about how you can have peace and fulfillment in your life, your relationships and your work - regardless of your circumstances.

We now have three morning worship services! Pastor Craig preaches the same message at all services, but the 9:00am service has a little different worship style and meets in the Student Worship Center. The 8:45 and 10:30am services remain the same in the main sanctuary.  

Come and hear our Celebration Choir and Band present favorite songs from this year on Sunday, May 31 at 6pm. This is always a great evening to enjoy! Bring friends!

All men are invited to our Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, May 30 from 8:00 to 9:30am. Dave Burros will share excited news about his missions trip to India. For more information, contact David Bohlman at


All kids are invited to this fun night! Invite friends!

All kids are invited to this fun event on June 1-5. MEGA Sports Camp is for 1st - 5th grade, and Everest is for 3 years - Kindergarten. Register on our website at

Kids Camp is June 22-26 in Pinetop Arizona. This is a great opportunity for kids to have fun and grow spiritually. You can register online at

-Join us for Youth Sunday School every Sunday at 10:30am at the East Campus.
-Wednesday night youth group is at 6:45pm at the East Campus.

For more information on youth ministry, contact Nate Snider at

Camp is an exciting experience for spiritual renewal and fun! 

For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at or 297-8297.

Find a new ministry by contacting Pastor Katy and learning about how your gifts and talents can be used to serve God and others (

Watch for more details about this new ministry! Contact Pastor Katy at for more information.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

May 21 – Shawn and Kelly Rose
May 24 – James and Donna Hansen, Ted and Julie Johnson
May 25 – Larry and Sundra Williams, Bryan and Stephanie Bergsma, Manny and Sylvia Herrera
May 26 – Larry and Luann Waldron
May 27 – Aaron and Lauren Stidham, James and Cheryl Machac, Richard and Sharon Haugebak
May 28 – Dale and Barbara Diamond, John and Sandra Miller
May 29 – Wendell and Connie Ubben
May 30 – Deren and Kaylani Jackson
May 31 – John and Kathy Minor, Mark and Kim Mittlestadt
June 1 – Mason Lacaillade and Courtney Jacobson
June 2 – David and Betty Deivert
June 3 – Dan and Shirlyan Hurt
June 4 – Tom and Gina Graham
June 5 – Paul and Anna Tees, Carl and Lois Travor
June 6 – Bill and Antje Calkins
June 7 -  Chuck and Ruth Davis, Corey and Brooke Spofford
June 8 – Tom and Carole Rubel, Marty and Susan Voigt
June 9 – Jack and Sharon Longley
June 10 – Tim and Rebecca Lee
June 11 – George and Bonnie Johnson
June 12 – Philip and Betty James
June 14 – Rick and Sharon Lovelace, Travis and Emily Albaugh
June 15 – Roger and Joanne Winner, David and Karen Van Vuren, Gerald and Janice Miller, Jacob and Sarah Hawbaker
June 16 – Chris and Rechelle Norman, Brian and Cheri Carswell
June 18 -- Rich and Becky March
June 19 – Richard and Kristi Chase
June 20 – Michael and Heather Locke, Frank and Candace Bonnett
June 22 – Stuart and Yolanda Weinberger
June 23 – Bob and Evie Wasik, David and Gail Bohlman, John and Dawn Hoiland
June 26 – Jason and Valerie Clapero, Curt and Tina Hicks
June 27 – Travis and Phyllis Northey, Stephen and Danielle Haider, Rev. Jim and Joan Dixon
June 29 – Glenn and Marge Garrett, Jeff and Kelli Stetson
June 30 – Alex and Elizabeth Noguera
July 2 – Fred and Donna Fultz
July 6 – Alex and Brooke Johnston
July 7 – Jim and Margaret Thompson, David and Jeanie Schimke
July 10 – Don and Jeni Martin
July 14 – Terry and Judy Browneller, Lute and Pamela Prouse
July 16 – Richard and Abigail Egolf
July 17 – Billy and Stanlea Edwards
July 19 – Curtis and Debi Hodam, Chris and Sharon Collins
July 20 – Andy and Shannon Mendibles, Cory and Nancy Wold
July 21 – Frank and Marsha Caristi
July 23 – Ernie and Marie Calkins, Jim and Nancy Vaughn
July 25 – John and Mitzie Lupo
July 26 – Gary and Ruth Rehm, Shaun and Hannah Gray
July 28 – Seth and Emily Penning
July 29 – Jim and Marie Tayburn
July 31 – Dale and Maggie Kirk, Steve and Susan Davis



May 22 – Pam Maldonado, George Esslinger, Erin Girdler, Pam Maldonado, Morgan Nelson
May 23 – Pamela Baird, Peter Bade, Kurt Meek, Valerie Miller
May 24 – Norma Haire, Phyllis Northey, Finley Simpson, Lois Dreher, Erin Lowery, Howie Ahern
May 25 – Joey Clemente, Blake Baker, Donna Herring, AJ VanBogaert
May 26 – Lynnlee Rammell
May 28 – Bob Honea, Don Cook, Dave Scoles, Barb Back, Andrew Lamb, Alexandra Suarez
May 29 – Tracey Cummins, Britten Johnston
May 30 – Mikaela Wright, Corey Spofford
May 31 – Joyce Newton, Seth Criger, Givanna Lupo, Jody Hawbaker
June 1 – Summer Boone, Rene deRais
June 2 – Tray Patch, Rain Pinneo
June 3 – Ruth Rehm, Sandra Miller, Marty Michelson, Jacqueline Trevizo, Dave Brown
June 5 – Shane Clark, Jana Putnam, Luana Rutherford,  Richard Bavier, Jon Cuneo
June 6 – Paul Schlittenhart, Ginger Maghran, Keegan Maghran, Erica Walker, Jessica McCracken, Brent Shawver, Maya Sophia Carreon
June 7 – Miriam Christensen, Mary Preston
June 8 – Joy Bergendorff, Savannah Baird, Judith Whitlock Murr, Mariah Gonzalez
June 9 – Maggie Kirk
June 10 – Tana Breton, Jenna Childress, Christopher Childress, Lee Busse
June 11 – Gena Cleveland, Drew Choate, Payton Young, Megan Ellerd, Art LeColst, Tayler Randall
June 12 – Allie Scott, Mary-Esther Kauffman, James Dyer, Bryce Beach, Alex Noguera
June 13 – Becky Esslinger, Heavenleigh Lupo, Jack Deeming, Joseph Rebholz
June 14 – Jared Weinberger, Don Owen
June 15 – Lorraine Hudson, Austin Tuuri
June 16 – Marjorie Close, Heather Laker, Kaaren Sullivan, Ryan Cook
June 17 – Fred Rambaud, Shelley Neasham
June 18 – David Stasney, Jessica Gaddis, Jack Lasonder, Channing Wolfe, Dan Hurt
June 19 – Mary Ellen Brent, Rita Story
June 20 – Joanne Winner, Briana Mishler
June 21 – Karen Hilliard, Shiloh Wolfe, Quinn Barney, Lois Travor, Journey Patch
June 22 – Meg Richardson, Collin Coulter, Jayden Feeny, Suzy Baxter Tanar Hawking, Nicole Cook, Bailey Insalaco
June 23 – Keira Painter, Bigo Rosas
June 24 – Tim Lee, Lydia Uphoff, Dennis Briels, Jake Hart, Leslie Dennis, Dave Benson
June 25 – Julie Dooley, Larry Waldron, Kim Mittlestadt, Ariel Gallichant, Tom Thatcher, Tim Kauffman, Aurenna Miller
June 26 – Dale Kirk, Jennifer Engle, Valerie Clapero, Erika Schlittenhart
June 27 – Lynn Hayse, Michael Fleishman, Janet Robertson
June 28 – Wanda Ford, Dr. Larry Vinyard, Riley Ceravolo, Judith Bach
June 29 – Debi Hodam, Kari Olson, JoAnne Deakin
June 30 – Jeanne Trimber, Curt Hicks, Tanner Neasham, Sharon Haugebak, Tom Taylor
July 1 – Kelly Engle, Kim Heath
July 2 – Don Nelson, Jared Smith, Hannah Gray, Austyn Rutherford, Jordan Tabor
July 3 – Ernie Calkins, Marie Calkins
July 4 – Jeff Stetson, Shannon McGuire
July 5 – Janie Bauer, Tom Rowley, Wendy Wardlow, Valerie Ritz, Alexa Marcano, Kaylee Boone, Delp Blakeleigh, Beverly Holder
July 6 – Suzy Burros, Sarah Kipe, Dianne Signorelli
July 7 – Kent Scott, John Minor, Roger Brandt, Karl Stempel, Ashley Jones, Ally Troutman, Susan Blackman, Isla Stockton
July 8 – Corinne Diven, Brooke Johnston, Jessica Simpson, John Cummins, Bryan Radovan
July 9 – Ruth Bultman, Jeremy Mercer, Miah Gonzalez
July 10 – Dave Trimber, Charles Colldock, Ray Lawrence, Gail Bohlman, Chris Meyers, Brady Maghran, Samuel Roh,
July 11 – David Ritter, Deven Cleveland, MacKenzie Pritchett, Brendon Shreves, Ruth Benson, Jennifer Chang, Sarah Richards
July 12 – Terry Roth, Tyler Cummins, Jenny Mellon, Trevor Chase, Katherine Franklin, Linda Wolowicz, Dawn Hoiland
July 13 – Abigail Egolf, Andrew Alejandro, Spencer Gaff, Drew Klingman, Andy Schmidt, Mackinzee Long
July 14 – Brenton Delp, Julian Gibson, Katie Bradford
July 15 – Isabella Whiteside, Grace Chimanga, Diana Smith
July 16 – Helen Yates, Dan Murr,
July 17 – Casie Maghran, David Kunze, Liliann Lovemore,
July 18 – Amie Ryan, Lauren Stidham, Ted Johnson
July 19 – Karol Grant, Hannah Haider, Ken Grissom, Pat Richards, Jennifer Dresher
July 20 – Evie Wasik, Addalyn Johnston, Andy Norvelle,
July 21 – Judy Browneller, Chuck Setterland, Alex Ellis, Richard Lawrence
July 22 – Monica Wright, Peyton Norvelle, Amy Devereaux, Denise Childress, Sharon Collins,
July 23 – Nadine Rupp, Emily Penning, Sara Theiss, Brady Johnson, Jackson Rose,
July 24 – Janice Miller, John Hoiland
July 26 – Bill Haught, Kolhie Jackson, Shawn Rose, Joshua Hoover
July 27 – Micah Mercer
July 28 – Christian Galaviz, Robert Burger
July 29 – Lindsey Suddath, Daniel Stoltzfus, Rune Stanislaw, Ariella Cruz , Susan Bergman
July 30 – Lois Reeb, Courtney Wright, Katie Bergsma, Philip James
July 31 – Jim Myers, Bob Dreher, Ronald Choate, Jordan Voorhees, Declan Donahue