Follow Pastor Craig's six week sermon series, "God and Our Bod," starting on September 7.



Feast on something bigger than a fad. September 7 kicks off Pastor Craig’s six-session sermon series “God and Your Bod” with a corresponding small group video study. It is centered on five essentials to launch your journey to health: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends. It’s called The Daniel Plan and it works for one simple reason: God designed your body to be healthy and He provided everything you need to thrive and live an abundant life. Contact Gail and David Bohlman at

Find out what it means to be part of this community of believers at Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. Our next class   on membership will be offered on Saturday, September 13, from  9:00-11:30am and is taught by Pastor Craig. Brunch will be served.  Childcare is available upon request.  Please RSVP to the church office at 297-8297 or

Mark your calendar to attend this concert on Friday, November 7 at 7:00pm! Watch for details.


Celebration Choir and Big Band are starting a new season!
-Celebration Choir rehearses in the sanctuary on Wednesdays from 6:45-8:15 pm. Choir provides a great opportunity to sing and worship, participate in musicals, and fellowship together.
-Celebration Big Band rehearses in the sanctuary at 8:30 pm. If you played an instrument in high school, we would love to have you join us. For more information, please call Pastor Larry at 297-8297.

The annual rummage sale benefitting our upcoming Christmas  musical will take place on September 26-27 from 7am to 1pm.  We encourage you to bring donated sale items to the mobile-mini storage unit located at the northeast corner of our property, behind the sanctuary.  For more information, contact Neal Girdler at 579-7767.


This Bible study is for people who want to learn about God’s story and their place in it! This class meets at 8:45am in the YAC 3. It’s not too late to join.
-Seekers who are curious about Christianity.
-Starters who are new to a relationship with Jesus.
-Returners who have been away from church for a while.
Pastor Katy teaches this class. For more information, contact Pastor Katy today at the Welcome Center or or 297-8297.

Women are welcome to attend a three session class to learn basic self-defense on September 11, 18 and 25. RAD is taught by Oro Valley Police Department and is free. Classes will take place from 6:00-9:00pm in the SWC. Participants are required to attend all three sessions. For more information and to register, contact Amy Graham at 229-5080 or

Faith Promise Sunday has been moved to October 26. This is also Alabaster Sunday, So, keep filling your Alabaster boxes with coins. Over 100 million dollars have been raised for the construction of churches, schools and hospitals on the Mission field with these donations.  Thank you for caring so much! 

Alabaster Sunday is October 26. Keep filling your Alabaster boxes with coins. Over 100 million dollars have been raised for the construction of churches, schools and hospitals on the Mission field with these donations.  Thank you for caring so much! 


Bring your kids to Wednesday Night Kids Zone or youth activities and stay for fellowship and Bible study.  The study will be very informal and interactive.  You will be challenged and encouraged by other dads who are experiencing the same things in life that you are!  WND will meet in YAC 2, from 6:45-8:15pm.  For more info, contact Chris Collins at


-Single Moms Care & Support Ministry is starting back up on September 14, from 5-7pm in the YAC building. Please help   promote this ministry by distributing posters and cards (available in foyer) to places in NW Tucson. (gyms, stores, community boards, day care centers, etc.)
-If you are a single mom interested in participating in this group, register on the patio between services today or contact Pastor  Katy at

Mark your calendar to attend this great resource!


All kids, Pre-K through 6th grade (ages 4-12) are encouraged to participate in this weekly kids small group activity. Contact Pastor Genell at for more information.

For more information on student ministries, go to the student ministry website at or contact Pastor Eric at

For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at or 297-8297.

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)...This international women’s  northwest evening class starts on Monday, September 8 at 6:55pm.
This year they will be studying “The Life of Moses.”  For more  information, contact Shannon Marshall at 858-722-6459. 

This fun group meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. It begins on Thursday, September 4 from 9:30-11:30am, in the SWC.  For more information, contact Noel Dreher at 975-7996. 



Men are encouraged to invite friends to this fun annual event! U of A Athletic Director, Greg Byrne will be our speaker and Manny Herrera will entertain with song. For more information, contact David Bohlman at

We will be “Stuffing the Trailer” on September 14, 21 and 28.  We are asking for donations of packs of toilet paper, toothpaste and toothbrushes. These  articles will be collected by Dave and Mary Benson and will be given to the Gospel Rescue Mission. What a simple way we can greatly benefit the homeless!  Bring your donations on any of the listed dates!   

On October 2-5, we will take an adult team to Rocky Point Mexico to assist in construction of a Church building. Nueva Esperanza Church is a new Nazarene outreach in Rocky Point. Thus far they have been meeting outside. The cost to participate is $175 and space is limited. Contact Dick Egolf at if  you are interested in joining the work team.  


Join us for our first JOY (Just Older Youth) luncheon on Saturday, September 6 at 11:30am in Hayslip Hall. (Please note time and date change) Manny Herrera will entertain us with songs, some from his new CD! Names A-F bring dessert, G-L bring salad, M-R bring veggie and S-Z bring main entree.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

August 30 – Denis and Leigh Briels
September 2 – Maury and Luana Rutherford
September 4 – Anthony and Dianne Signorelli
September 5 – David and Christine Capaccio
September 6 – George and Pam Boone
September 7 – Zachary and Nicole Pierce
September 8 – Mike and Jill Spiva, Kerry and Miriam Kwast
September 9 – Troy and Shelley Neasham
September 10 – Peter and Anita Bade
September 11 – Dave and Jan Kersey
September 12 – Tim and Mary-Esther Kauffman
September 14 – Eric and Sharon Fritz, Gary and Myrna Reike
September 16 – James and Mi Chang
September 23 – Edwin and Barbara Hughes, Stanley and Susan Blackman
September 24 – Jack and Wanda Ransom, Kenny and Kim Goodman
September 25 – Bob and Pat Honea
September 30 – Bill and Julie Odom, Kim and Paula Schlittenhart, Raymond and Janet Gore
October 2 – Steve and Kristie Kramer
October 3 - Leon and Helen Porter
October 4 – Keith and Rhonda Curtis
October 5 – Adam and Joy Bergendorff
October 6 – Vernon and Juanita Roy
October 11 – Dave and Suzy Burros
October 15 – Mark and Gena Cleveland
October 18 – Brian and Catherine Wick
October 20 – Greg and Madelyn Conser
October 21 – Stephen and Kelly Butler, Chris and Jennifer Anteau
October 23 – DC and Tammy Carter
October 24 – James and Sarah Kipe, Dick and Pat Police
October 25 – Wade and Stella Cureton
October 26 – Walter and Mildred King
October 27 – Chris and Cathy Moses
October 28 – John and Betty Stevenson, John and Karen Kovacs
October 29 – Evan and Kelly Carlson


September 1 – Pamela Prouse, Kyle Berglund, Lauren Hitner, Pearl Velarde
September 2 – Charlotte Williamson, Robert Vinyard, Jeremy Young, Julia Voorhees
September 3 – Jim Rupp, Kim Goodman
September 4 – Swede Hanson, Kayla Kemper, Tyler Engle, Briana Gallichant
September 5 – Jaylee Graham, Makenzie Rammell, Andrew Stempel
September 6 – Quinn Nguyen, Tula Boyles, Matt Young, Jessica Ryan, Avri Ellis
September 7 – Jody Rammell, Jessica Meyer
September 8 – Terry Browneller, Marge Garrett, Genell Cherryholmes, Sylvia Herrera, Ivan Modesto
September 9 – Jill Spiva, Wade Cureton, Morgan Hill, Isaiah Chimanga, Janea Lockhardt,Rhudy Tyler
September 10 –Brian Wick
September 11 –Teri Peecher, Katy Scott, Loretta Goodin, Brian Wasik, Jack Schull
September 12 – David Schimke, Deborah Marshall
September 13 – Monnie Applegate, Robert Mitchell, Rebekah Stoltzfus, Remy Matulewic
September 14 – Julie Odom, Chloe Lisowski, Brayden Dreher, Hank Wolowicz, Josh Fiechtner
September 15 – Jillian Gaddis, Billie Lynn Thomas
September 16 – Hollace Neasham
September 17 – Tyler Cherryholmes, Joseph Goodin, Taylor Thatcher
September 18 – Neal Patronsky, Kelli Stetson, Kyle Pruitt, Dick Mattheis
September 19 – Belinda Taylor, Lindsey Stogner
September 20 – Pauline Shelby, Lindsay Inglett, Panit Wongnikom
September 21 – Bob Dooley, Dorothy Rediker, Luann Waldron, Greg Wagstaff, Kathy Brown
September 22 – Wanell Schaeffer, Stephen Porter, Jason Hunt, Elizabeth Temple
September 23 – Matthew Klingman
September 24 – Nora Cowgill, John Dohogne, Tawney Criger, James Machac
September 25 – Chris Cherryholmes, Jason Clapero, Cristabel Galaviz, Kaci Burger, Catherine Wick
September 26 – Chris Phillips, Liberty Simpson, Melanie Burros, Janet Lasonder, Laurie Grogan, Brayden Roberts, Malee Jackson,
September 27 – Rick Ervin
September 28 – Georgeanne Evans, Mike Townsend, Carly Goodin, Marilyn Tex Carman, Patty Starr
September 29 – Carl Poe
September 30 – Don Wilson, Bob Boyles, Megan Insalaco, Addy Canard
October 1 – Kerry Kwast, Ken Pruitt, Robin Odom
October 2 – Irene Acosta, Carlie Schlittenhart, Ryann Wright, Erick Grant
October 3 – Gary Wright, Kendall Clark, Joshua Stempel, Janet Mattheis, Bethany Pedata, Ana Beach
October 4 – Jack Stewart, Monica Duran, Zoe Boone
October 5 – Mark Cleveland, Clint Beattie, Kailer Jackson, Audree Spitzer, Brysen Barrios
October 6 – Curtis Hodam, Jerry Mawhirter, Tylor deRais, Jackson Whiteside, Carlie Gillette, Martika Harris
October 7 – Tom Rubel, Brenda Moseley, Danielle Mathieson
October 8 – Teresa Nunez
October 9 – Phyllis Dolman, Jeffrey Musgrave, Claire Miville, Chris Bull, Karen Kovacs
October 10 – Linda Hicks, Martin Voigt
October 11 – Kelly Sharpe, Brittne Peacock, Jaxson Mahadocon
October 12 – Shannon Mendibles, Jon Davis, Julia Baar, Blake Roberts, Sam Patterson
October 13 – Jeanette Beel, Anna Tees, Mariah Houser, Mariah Wolfe
October 14 – Harold Laney, Anne Serverian, Joy Lautenschlaeger, Connor Olive
October 15 – Douglas Snyder, Heidi Clendenin, Rylan Day
October 16 – Don Martin, Ron Suddath, Sadie Baird, Ella Jonason
October 17 – Karen Hagemeister, Mason Spitzer, Marcia Wright
October 18 – Sharon Longley, Deanna Clem, Chrystal Alejandro, Yujin Mercer, Alexis Molander
October 19 – Miriam Kwast, Darrel Fankhauser
October 20 – Sam Cain, Mike Gray
October 21 – Cassidy Steiner, Chris Clark, Coral Christensen
October 22 – Tracy Fleishman, Danielle Haider, Kasidy Salmans
October 23 – Joan Steinebach, Annette Holder, Zeb Delp, Cashion Hodam, Kai Young, Talan Young, Pat Police
October 24 – Eric Townsend, Danielle Turnbull, Ruth Conser
October 25 – Frank Slaven, Beverly Finkenbinder, Kaylani Jackson, Journey Fleishman, MaKayla Carter
October 26 – Lee Shevel, Claudine Boomgarden, Larry Williams, Rick Huff, Matthew Kunze, Sabrina Clapero, Pat Rogers, Sarah Kwast
October 27 – Sara Lovelace
October 28 – Nevaeh Breton, Mason Boyen
October 29 – Dottie Rice, Edwin Hughes, Tina Hicks, Corinna Tuuri
October 30 – Frances Stewart, Sue Clouse, Stephen Haider Jr., Ryder Vroom
October 31 – Adam Bergendorff, Courtney Boyen