Everyone is welcome, bring friends!

 K-12th grade will go to their new grade class on August 3.

Celebration Choir and Big Band are starting a new season!
-Celebration Choir rehearses in the sanctuary on Wednesdays from 6:45-8:15 pm. Choir provides a great opportunity to sing and worship, participate in musicals, and fellowship together.
-Celebration Big Band rehearses in the sanctuary at 8:30 pm. If you played an instrument in high school, we would love to have you join us. For more information, please call Pastor Larry at 297-8297.

Small groups form life changing relationships that encourage spiritual growth, develop lasting friendships and serve together. At this event you will:
-Get general information about small groups at OVCN.
-Participate in activities that will help make connections with others at this event.
-Be part of a new group formed from those at the event, and know when and where you will meet.

The annual rummage sale benefitting our upcoming Christmas  musical will take place on September 26-27 from 7am to 1pm.  Starting July 1, we encourage you to bring donated sale items to the mobile-mini storage unit located at the northeast corner of our  property, behind the sanctuary.  For more information, contact Pastor Larry at 297-8297.



For more information on student ministries, go to the student ministry website at ovnaz.com or contact Pastor Eric at eric@ovcn.org.

For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at jimmy@ovcn.org or 297-8297.

This will be an exciting event for young adults!  Three nights, three speakers, two concerts, service projects, twelve breakout sessions, 
amazing food, inflatables, festivities, and numerous new friends!

To register, click on this link. http://rootedtucson.com/

Contact Pastor Jimmy at jimmy@ovcn.org for more details.

Men are encouraged to invite friends to this fun annual event! U of A Athletic Director, Greg Byrne will be our speaker and Manny Herrera will entertain with song. For more information, contact David Bohlman at dgbohlman@yahoo.com.

Don’t miss out on our fall trip to Branson Missouri on October 12-16. Enjoy the Ozark beauty along with fantastic productions, such as a dinner cruise on Tablerock Lake and the story of “Jonah and the Whale.”  Everyone is invited! For more information, contact Steve Wilson at steve.29.wilson@gmail.com

Cotton Patch Quilters meet in room 10 every third Thursday of the month from 9 am - 2:30 pm. They make quilts to be given at clinics to women that choose life for their babies. Ladies need to bring their own sewing machines. “New-to-quilting” or expert quilters are all welcome!  For questions, call Brenda Smitley at 544-9252. 

A missions ministry called “Dress a Girl” meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 10 AM and sews dresses out of pillow cases! The dresses are handed directly to young girls in impoverished countries and told, “This is from Jesus.” For information, contact Meg Richardson at richardsonmeg@icloud.com.  



Ladies, do you knit or crochet and have a heart for serving others?  We encourage you to attend our Prayer Shawl group and join the fun.  We make shawls and give them to those hurting and in need of encouragement.  Join us on the 4th Saturdays of the month at 9:30 am. 

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

July 19 – Curtis and Debi Hodam, Chris and Sharon Collins
July 20 – Andy and Shannon Mendibles, Cory and Nancy Wold
July 21 – Frank and Marsha Caristi
July 23 – Ernie and Marie Calkins, Jim and Nancy Vaughn
July 25 – John and Mitzie Lupo
July 26 – Gary and Ruth Rehm, Shaun and Hannah Gray
July 28 – Seth and Emily Penning
July 29 – Jim and Marie Tayburn
July 30 – Daniel and Lori Liberator
July 31 – Dale and Maggie Kirk, Steve and Susan Davis
August 1 – Ryan and Lindsay Inglett
August 3 – Tim and Pam Story, John and Marie Voorhees
August 4 – Bob and Tula Boyles
August 6 – Brian and Catherine Kunze, Matt and Chelsea Solem
August 7 – Gregory and Carol Tarr
August 8 – Donald and Dorothy Rediker, Vernon and Lois Reeb
August 10 – Tom and Sandy Rowley
August 11 – Panit Wongnikom and Narong Kulvtunyou
August 14 – JR and Lorraine Hudson, Zach and April Young
August 15 – Mike and Terri Pastor
August 16 – Robert and Linda Mitchell
August 18 – Gerald and Ruth Bultman, Rick and Cindi Ervin
August 19 – Jack and Frances Stewart
August 20 – Lee and Faye Shevel
August 21 – Richard and Phyllis Turner
August 22 – Keith and Bonnie Vaughn, Jim and Jeannie Hicks
August 24 – Kenneth and Priss Wright, Craig and Robin Coulter
August 25 – Brent and Marty Michelson
August 27 – Matt and Jamie Young
August 28 – Doug and Peggy Porter, Jim and Linda Roberts
August 30 – Denis and Leigh Briels


July 19 – Karol Grant, Hannah Haider, Ken Grissom, Pat Richards, Dick Police, Jennifer Dresher
July 20 – Evie Wasik, Addalyn Johnston, Andy Norvelle,
July 21 – Judy Browneller, Chuck Setterland, Alex Ellis, Richard Lawrence
July 22 – Monica Wright, Peyton Norvelle, Amy Devereaux, Denise Childress, Sharon Collins,
July 23 – Nadine Rupp, Emily Penning, Sara Theiss, Brady Johnson, Jackson Rose,
July 24 – Janice Miller, John Hoiland
July 26 – Bill Haught, Kolhie Jackson, Shawn Rose, Joshua Hoover
July 27 – Micah Mercer
July 28 – Christian Galaviz, Robert Burger
July 29 – Lindsey Suddath, Daniel Stoltzfus, Rune Stanislaw, Ariella Cruz , Susan Bergman
July 30 – Lois Reeb, Courtney Wright, Katie Bergsma, Philip James
July 31 – Jim Myers, Bob Dreher, Ronald Choate, Jordan Voorhees, Declan Donahue
August 1 – Pam Schiller, Jackie Simpson, Terri Pastor, Eric Beach
August 3 – Taylor Lorenson, Gina Scott, Candace Bonnett,
August 4 – Ethan Lee, Judy Trees, Dottie Wilmore, Sherry Blake, Shelby Lovemore, Danielle Adams, Barbara Dresher
August 5 – Layne Kummerow, Lily Peters
August 6 – Carrie Haas, David VanVuren, Penny Myers
August 7 – Sandy Santoro, Gregory Tarr, Kaylyn Collins,
August 8 – Jillian Putnam, Brandon Dreher, Bennett Gaddis, Izzy Ciurca, Ron Dirksen
August 9 – Amanda Nennig, Caleb Timler, Raylynn Haas, Kayla Shortell
August 10 – Madelyn Conser
August 11 – George Schulte, Sheila Beeson, Elizabeth DeGrandchamp, Julia Lindley, Alex Olson
August 12 – Pat White, Gloanna Peek, Keana Jackson, Priscilla Timler, Evan Neese
August 13 – Cheryl Alden, Samantha Baird, Allison Bergendorff, Aly Ciurca, Clara Roberts
August 14 – James Childress
August 15 – Ralph Runion, Kristie Kramer, Jake Smith, Derrek Piliae,
August 16 – Keith Vaughn, Chuck Tucek
August 17 – Jan Kersey, Dwight Denney, Brysen Grissom
August 18 – Celeste Trevizo, Stephen Moseley, James Kipe, Lotte Edwards,
August 19 – Zach Young, Norm Tripp, John Stevenson, Alyssa Ritz, Thomas Hruska,
August 20 – Denzel Clouse, Kenny Goodman, Kelly Carlson, Jack Wagstaff, Jennifer Anteau
August 21 – Gina Graham, Lincoln Simpson
August 22 – Brandon Franklin, Alex McCrindle, Tonya Zanotti
August 23 -  Maxwell Derickson, Josiah Ray
August 24 – Halle Pernett
August 25 – Samuel Felker, Isiah Aguilar
August 27 – Sandy Brugler, Jim Vaughn, Tom Kemper, Paul Tees
August 28 – Cyndi Deville, Mark Ritter, Suzy Block,
August 29 – Courtney Haas, Alina Grace McCoy, Daisy Patterson
August 30 – Debbie Grissom, Phillip Breton, Mary Uphoff, Anthony Maldonado, Jessica Bednorz, Elizabeth Walker
August 31 – Morris Hicks, Jackson Klein, Megan Grogan