*Love the Word.
*Learn the Word.

Join us as we focus on "40 Days in the Word."  There will be an accompanying Small Group study. 

On Sunday, February 1...“Souper Bowl” Sunday, everyone is  encouraged to bring cans of soup (or nonperishable items) for distribution to needy families and deposit them at the truck tailgate located outside the patio entrance. This will help stock the food cupboard at Interfaith Community Services (ICS). Items needed are: canned spaghetti sauce, spaghetti noodles, meals in a can, and canned meat. 

Everyone will enjoy this two day event on Saturday, February 7 from 9am-6pm and Sunday morning, February 8 at our morning worship services. H.B. London will be our keynote speaker and Liberty Quartet will treat us to a Southern Gospel Concert. Watch for more details and invite friends!

All ages will enjoy this Southern Gospel quartet. On Saturday, February 7, they will present a concert at 1:15pm as part of the Enrichment Weekend. On Sunday, February 8, they will sing during our regular morning services.

Ignite Tucson Children's Ministry Conference
Saturday, January 31st
8 AM - 3 PM


Contact Pastor Genell if you are interested in attending.

We are making plans to take a mission team to India during the October/November timeframe. We'll be working at the Temple of Love Children's Home in northern India. If you are interested in investigating this opportunity, please join us on Thursday, Feb 12 at 7pm in Hayslip Hall. For more information contact Dick Egolf at egolfaz@msn.com or 818-0785.


Celebration Choir rehearses in the sanctuary on Wednesdays from 6:45-8:15pm. Choir provides a great opportunity to sing, worship, and fellowship together.
Celebration Big Band rehearses in the sanctuary at 8:30pm. If you play an instrument, we would love for you to join us. For more information, please contact Pastor Larry at 297-8297.

Our Feed My Starving Children meal packing event was a blessing! 939 participants packed 1,080 boxes to provide 233,280 meals. This will feed 639 children for a whole year! Thank you to everyone that participated.


Single Moms Care & Support Ministry meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, from 5-7pm in the YAC building. Please help promote this ministry by distributing posters and cards (available in foyer) to places in NW Tucson. (gyms, stores, community boards, day care centers, etc.)
If you are a single mom interested in participating in this group, register on the patio between services today or contact Pastor  Katy at katy@ovcn.org.

All men are invited to our Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, January 31 from 8:00 to 9:30am. We will continue with the “Son of God” Bible study. Shawn Rose will be our guest speaker. For more information, contact David Bohlman at dgbohlman@yahoo.com.


This fun group meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 9:30-11:30am, in the SWC.  For more information, contact Noel Dreher at 975-7996. 



All ladies are invited to a “Moms Night Out” on Friday, February 6 at 6:30pm at Macaroni Grill on Ina/La Cholla. RSVP to Noel Dreher at 975-7996.

Our annual Kids Camp is February 20-21. All kids, 1st-6th grade are invited to participate. Registration will start next Sunday, January 25 on the patio. For more information, contact Pastor Genell at 297-8297.


All kids are invited to this fun night! Invite friends!

-Join us for Youth Sunday School every Sunday at 10:30am at the East Campus.
-Wednesday night youth group is at 6:45pm at the East Campus.

For more information on youth ministry, contact Nate Snider at nate@ovcn.org.

For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at jimmy@ovcn.org or 297-8297.

Find a new ministry by contacting Pastor Katy and learning about how your gifts and talents can be used to serve God and others (katy@ovcn.org).

Watch for more details about this new ministry! Contact Pastor Katy at katy@ovcn.org for more information.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

February 3 –   Darrin and Deanna Whiteside, Tim and Roxanna Walsh
February 4 –   Jason and Lori Lindley, Ted and Georgene Birchard
February 8 –   Larry and Maureen Volle, Ron Dirksen and Patricia Richards
February 9 –   Bill and Wendi Gaddis
February 10 – Chris and Genell Cherryholmes
February 12 – Dan and Judith Whitlock Murr
February 14 – Rick and Kathy Huff, Terry and Bobbi Roth, Neal and Fran Patronsky, Steve and Brenda Moseley, Rodney and Rosie Slack
February 15 – Roger and Sharon Brandt
February 18 – Kurt and Cathy Meek
February 19 – Charles and Nancy Hale
February 23 – Mike and Deb Townsend
February 25 – Chris and Tonya Zanotti
February 26 – Bill Simpson and Liberty Simpson
February 28 – Jack and Conny Culver
March 1 –   Wayne and Rachel Orr
March 8 –   Andrew and Mary Lamb
March 10 – Chuck and Janet Setterland
March 17 – Dave and Marsha Scoles, Bob and Brandy Whitney
March 18 – Scott and Jennifer Engle
March 19 – Fred and Lisa Rambaud, Chris and Becky Grissom
March 20 – Dave and Kathy Brown
March 21 – David and Elisabeth Stasney
March 22 – Dave and Jeanne Trimber, Michael and Tracy Fleishman
March 26 – Morris and Linda Hicks, Stephen and Carol Locke, Eric and Anna Beach
March 27 – Aram and Anne Serverian
March 28 – George and Monnie Applegate
March 29 – Levi and Alexandra Hernandez
March 30 – Ron and Judy Staub


January 30 – Paul Suddath, Scott Engle, Jim Tayburn
January 31 – Wayne Orr, Tim Story,Vera Floyd, Colin Grogan, Jack Russell, Suzy McCoy
February 1 – Ron Staub, Arabella Young
February 2 – Robyn Porter, Alyssa Mendibles, Erin Olson, Elijah Kuntz, Janice Jennings, Chase Donahue
February 3 – Kameron Lisowski, Taylor Grammar, Jacob Smith
February 4 – Mark Mittlestadt, Erik Olson, Ryan Grogan
February 5 – Jeanne McCrory, Jackson Usborne, Michael Hart
February 6 – Lena Laney
February 7 – Cherryl Conley, Brenda Baker, Camryn Quiroz, Jacob Olson, Amy Miller
February 8 – Victor Reeb, Thomas Rambaud, Benjamin Dreher, Brianna Manard, Isabella Wolfe, Raymond Laker
February 9 – Jim Richardson, Megan Finlayson, Michael Maas
February 10 – Dorothy Smith, Shandi Maghran, Don Hernandez, Walter King
February 11 – Debra Finn, Juli Martin, Lexi Baker
February 12 – Stephen Locke, Michael Locke, Caleb Ritter
February 13 – Pat Poe, Sharon Wilson, Helena Hurbon, Tammy Carter, Jordan Figueroa
February 14 – Leona Lewis, Cambrie Delp
February 15 – Richard Egolf, Ted Birchard, Wendi Gaddis, Adam Townsend, Robby Hirsch
February 16 – Nate Odom, Allie Quiroz, Stephanie Ward, Jaden Moats
February 17 – Alex Johnston, April Young, Anna Shawver, Vicki Cunningham
February 18 – Madison Rozema, Avery Gurnett
February 19 – James Chang, Brittany Mumford, Lindsey David
February 20 – Staci Burger, Tim Franco, Yolanda Weinberger
February 22 – Larry Burger, Trevor Whiteside, Linda Meech, Jamie Young, Tina Kraemer, Debra Walsh
February 23 – Seth Ritter, Briana Dohogne, Alexis Alva, Charlie Johnson
February 24 – Nancy Ehorn, Nicole Finlayson, Nancy Marshall
February 25 – Lori Clark, George Applegate, Sandy Rowley, Juan Carlos Castano, Chris Moses, Adam Morgan, Andy Boyan
February 26 – Mitzie Lupo
February 27 – Jeffrey Hicks, Danny Myers
February 28 – Darrin Baker, Laura McGeary
February 29 – Frank Santoro
March 1 – Bill Calkins, Sundra Williams, Brent Michelson, Kenzie Ceravolo, Nancy Hale
March 2 – Jan Gates, Sawyer McGrath, Elizabeth Theis
March 3 – Helen Burger, Pam Boone, Nathan Kunze, Marissa Moore, Charles Hale, Marsha Caristi
March 4 – Chris Anteau, Deren Jackson, Riley Matulewic
March 5 – Pat Honea, Alyson Delp, Ryan Bergsma, Jessie Putnam, Liebe Bade, Trevor Ellis, Treyton Ellis
March 6 – Bill Gaddis, Gideon Fritz, Everly Noel Hawbaker
March 7 – Robyn O’Neal, Leonard Hall, Fred Cave, Richard Chase, Jim Hicks
March 8 – Joyce Schulte, Ed Simpson, Austin Quiroz, Bruce Trees, Emily Derickson
March 10 – Edna Coburn
March 11 – Rollan Gongwer, Gary Rehm, Sharon Lovelace, William Dalessio
March 12 – Courtney Nicholson, Kenzie MacNeil, Megan Yarter, Jacob Leland
March 13 – Julia Bednorz, Tom Taylor, Jerry Westra
March 14 – Dale Diamond, Crystal Rammell, Nicole Voigt, Kennedy Phillips, Vinny Lupo, Elaine Nicholson
March 15 – Mary Benge, Ian Quiroz, Joshua Voorhees
March 16 – Pat Maas, Natasha Johnson
March 17 – Billie Brewer, Victoria Hirsch
March 18 – Savannah Jones
March 19 – Bonnie Johnson, Jonathan Stempel, Helen Ahern, Evan Beach, Mallory Deloach
March 20 – Parker Young
March 21 – Luke Lindley, Gary Snow
March 22 – Trevor Cherryholmes, Caroline Williams, Hannah DeBake
March 23 -  Charles Hoffmann, Billy Edwards, Bill Back, Marie Tayburn, Katherine Salmans, Maxwell Kaschner
March 24 – Ellie DeBerry, Carol Tarr
March 25 – Mike Pastor, Tianna Carter, Mildred King, Morgan Darby, Eric Brady
March 27 – Sid Felker, Antje Calkins, Aubry Suddath, Isabella Porter, Matt Solem
March 28 – Nancy Bradley, Catherine Kunze,  Jacob Stahlman, Sam Racioppo
March 29 – Gail Robson, Nick Allen
March 30 – Karena Bowler, Ashley Ellis
March 31 – George Deakin, Carmen Trevizo, James Hansen, David Hossley