Feast on something bigger than a fad. September 7 kicks off Pastor Craig’s six-session sermon series “God and Your Bod” with a corresponding small group video study. It is centered on five essentials to launch your journey to health: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends. It’s called The Daniel Plan and it works for one simple reason: God designed your body to be healthy and He provided everything you need to thrive and live an abundant life. Contact Gail and David Bohlman at gbohlman@yahoo.com.

Small groups form life changing relationships that encourage spiritual growth, develop lasting friendships and serve together. At this event you will:
-Get general information about small groups at OVCN.
-Participate in activities that will help make connections with others at this event.
-Be part of a new group formed from those at the event, and know when and where you will meet.


Celebration Choir and Big Band are starting a new season!
-Celebration Choir rehearses in the sanctuary on Wednesdays from 6:45-8:15 pm. Choir provides a great opportunity to sing and worship, participate in musicals, and fellowship together.
-Celebration Big Band rehearses in the sanctuary at 8:30 pm. If you played an instrument in high school, we would love to have you join us. For more information, please call Pastor Larry at 297-8297.

The annual rummage sale benefitting our upcoming Christmas  musical will take place on September 26-27 from 7am to 1pm.  Starting July 1, we encourage you to bring donated sale items to the mobile-mini storage unit located at the northeast corner of our  property, behind the sanctuary.  For more information, contact Pastor Larry at 297-8297.


This Bible study is for people who want to learn about God’s story and their place in it! This class meets at 8:45am in the YAC 3. It’s not too late to join.
-Seekers who are curious about Christianity.
-Starters who are new to a relationship with Jesus.
-Returners who have been away from church for a while.
Pastor Katy teaches this class. For more information, contact Pastor Katy today at the Welcome Center or katy@ovcn.org or 297-8297.




Mark your calendar to attend this great resource!


All kids, Pre-K through 6th grade (ages 4-12) are encouraged to participate in this weekly kids small group activity. Contact Pastor Genell at genell@ovcn.org for more information.

For more information on student ministries, go to the student ministry website at ovnaz.com or contact Pastor Eric at eric@ovcn.org.

For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at jimmy@ovcn.org or 297-8297.





Men are encouraged to invite friends to this fun annual event! U of A Athletic Director, Greg Byrne will be our speaker and Manny Herrera will entertain with song. For more information, contact David Bohlman at dgbohlman@yahoo.com.


On October 2-5, we will take an adult team to Rocky Point Mexico to assist in construction of a Church building. Nueva Esperanza Church is a new Nazarene outreach in Rocky Point. Thus far they have been meeting outside. The cost to participate is $175 and space is limited. Contact Dick Egolf at egolfaz@msn.com if  you are interested in joining the work team.  




HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

August 6 – Brian and Catherine Kunze, Matt and Chelsea Solem
August 7 – Gregory and Carol Tarr
August 8 – Donald and Dorothy Rediker, Vernon and Lois Reeb
August 10 – Tom and Sandy Rowley
August 11 – Panit Wongnikom and Narong Kulvtunyou
August 14 – JR and Lorraine Hudson, Zach and April Young
August 15 – Mike and Terri Pastor
August 16 – Robert and Linda Mitchell
August 18 – Gerald and Ruth Bultman, Rick and Cindi Ervin
August 19 – Jack and Frances Stewart
August 20 – Lee and Faye Shevel
August 21 – Richard and Phyllis Turner
August 22 – Keith and Bonnie Vaughn, Jim and Jeannie Hicks
August 24 – Kenneth and Priss Wright, Craig and Robin Coulter
August 25 – Brent and Marty Michelson
August 27 – Matt and Jamie Young
August 28 – Doug and Peggy Porter, Jim and Linda Roberts
August 30 – Denis and Leigh Briels
September 2 – Maury and Luana Rutherford
September 4 – Anthony and Dianne Signorelli
September 5 – David and Christine Capaccio
September 6 – George and Pam Boone
September 7 – Zachary and Nicole Pierce
September 8 – Mike and Jill Spiva, Kerry and Miriam Kwast
September 9 – Troy and Shelley Neasham
September 10 – Peter and Anita Bade
September 11 – Dave and Jan Kersey
September 12 – Tim and Mary-Esther Kauffman
September 14 – Eric and Sharon Fritz, Gary and Myrna Reike
September 16 – James and Mi Chang
September 23 – Edwin and Barbara Hughes, Stanley and Susan Blackman
September 24 – Jack and Wanda Ransom, Kenny and Kim Goodman
September 25 – Bob and Pat Honea
September 30 – Bill and Julie Odom, Kim and Paula Schlittenhart, Raymond and Janet Gore


August 6 – Carrie Haas, David VanVuren, Penny Myers
August 7 – Sandy Santoro, Gregory Tarr, Kaylyn Collins
August 8 – Jillian Putnam, Brandon Dreher, Bennett Gaddis, Izzy Ciurca, Ron Dirksen
August 9 – Amanda Nennig, Caleb Timler, Raylynn Haas, Kayla Shortell
August 10 – Madelyn Conser
August 11 – George Schulte, Sheila Beeson, Elizabeth DeGrandchamp, Julia Lindley, Alex Olson
August 12 – Pat White, Gloanna Peek, Keana Jackson, Priscilla Timler, Evan Neese
August 13 – Cheryl Alden, Samantha Baird, Allison Bergendorff, Aly Ciurca, Clara Roberts
August 14 – James Childress
August 15 – Kristie Kramer, Jake Smith, Derrek Piliae,
August 16 – Keith Vaughn, Chuck Tucek
August 17 – Jan Kersey, Dwight Denney, Brysen Grissom
August 18 – Celeste Trevizo, Stephen Moseley, James Kipe, Lotte Edwards,
August 19 – Zach Young, Norm Tripp, John Stevenson, Alyssa Ritz, Thomas Hruska,
August 20 – Denzel Clouse, Kenny Goodman, Kelly Carlson, Jack Wagstaff, Jennifer Anteau
August 21 – Gina Graham, Lincoln Simpson
August 22 – Brandon Franklin, Alex McCrindle, Tonya Zanotti
September 1 – Pamela Prouse, Kyle Berglund, Lauren Hitner, Pearl Velarde
September 2 – Charlotte Williamson, Robert Vinyard, Jeremy Young, Julia Voorhees
September 3 – Jim Rupp, Kim Goodman
September 4 – Swede Hanson, Kayla Kemper, Tyler Engle, Briana Gallichant
September 5 – Jaylee Graham, Makenzie Rammell, Andrew Stempel
September 6 – Quinn Nguyen, Tula Boyles, Matt Young, Jessica Ryan, Avri Ellis
September 7 – Jody Rammell, Jessica Meyer
September 8 – Terry Browneller, Marge Garrett, Genell Cherryholmes, Sylvia Herrera, Ivan Modesto
September 9 – Jill Spiva, Wade Cureton, Morgan Hill, Isaiah Chimanga, Janea Lockhardt,Rhudy Tyler
September 10 –Brian Wick
September 11 –Teri Peecher, Katy Scott, Loretta Goodin, Brian Wasik, Jack Schull
September 12 – David Schimke, Deborah Marshall
September 13 – Monnie Applegate, Robert Mitchell, Rebekah Stoltzfus, Remy Matulewic
September 14 – Julie Odom, Chloe Lisowski, Brayden Dreher, Hank Wolowicz, Josh Fiechtner
September 15 – Jillian Gaddis, Billie Lynn Thomas
September 16 – Hollace Neasham
September 17 – Tyler Cherryholmes, Joseph Goodin, Taylor Thatcher
September 18 – Neal Patronsky, Kelli Stetson, Kyle Pruitt, Dick Mattheis
September 19 – Belinda Taylor, Lindsey Stogner
September 20 – Pauline Shelby, Lindsay Inglett, Panit Wongnikom
September 21 – Bob Dooley, Dorothy Rediker, Luann Waldron, Greg Wagstaff, Kathy Brown
September 22 – Wanell Schaeffer, Stephen Porter, Jason Hunt, Elizabeth Temple
September 23 – Matthew Klingman
September 24 – Nora Cowgill, John Dohogne, Tawney Criger, James Machac
September 25 – Chris Cherryholmes, Jason Clapero, Cristabel Galaviz, Kaci Burger, Catherine Wick
September 26 – Chris Phillips, Liberty Simpson, Melanie Burros, Janet Lasonder, Laurie Grogan, Brayden Roberts, Malee Jackson,
September 27 – Rick Ervin
September 28 – Georgeanne Evans, Mike Townsend, Carly Goodin, Marilyn Tex Carman, Patty Starr
September 29 – Carl Poe
September 30 – Don Wilson, Bob Boyles, Megan Insalaco, Addy Canard