Adult Classes

9 am

Young Adult Class – Building E (led by Pastor Jimmy Miller)
The purpose of this class is to inspire young adults (ages 18-30) to pursue a life of holiness and nurture a personal relationship with God. We meet in a casual setting and encourage lots of discussion.

The Journey Class – Building B (led by Bill Hutcherson)
This interactive, discussion-based class covers a wide range of tops as well as books of the bible. The current age rage is 40-60, but all are welcome to attend.

Faith Communicator Class – Building F (led by Dave Burros)
This class is based upon a DVD curriculum, followed by lively discussion. All ages are encouraged to attend. 

10:30 am

“Verse By Verse” Adult Bible Fellowship Class – Building B (led by Brent Michelson)
This class is for adults of all ages who want a deeper understanding of the Bible, verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter. The teaching style is a relaxed lecture format.

Transformer’s Class – Building F, Rm 2 (led by Erin and Neal Girdler)
This is a smaller class of both marrieds and singles that encourages lots of discussion and provides opportunities to form relationships with others. The teaching style is a verse-by-verse exegetical study through the bible with occasional topical emphases.

Senior ABF Class – Building F, Rm 1 (led by George Deakin)
This class for senior adults begins at 10:15 am singing hymns together. The teaching style is a verse-by-verse bible study with open discussion.

1:1:3 Bible Fellowship Class – Building F Rm 3 (led by Lee Shevel)
This class for senior adults includes open and lively interaction and prayer time together. The objective is to share ways to apply scriptural principles from Pastor’s sermon themes to our daily lives.